Master of the Nets Garden, Suzhou, China

suzhou 013 by allmann
suzhou 013, a photo by allmann on Flickr.

Suzhou is called ‘The Venice of the East’ and ‘Paradise on Earth’ etc etc. We thought it was pretty awesome..


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Great wall at Mutianyu

2012_05_beijing 374 by allmann
2012_05_beijing 374, a photo by allmann on Flickr.

So.. I’m in China..

This picture was taken at the great wall near Beijing, though I’m currently residing in Wuhan. More pictures to come!

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DSC_0380_01 by allmann
DSC_0380_01, a photo by allmann on Flickr.

Promised I”d get these up eventually.. here’s Thailand! Flickr has a lot more but I am failing at making this link to flickr.. just click on the elephants!


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sunrise over haleakala by allmann

Hello! It’s been awhile, huh? I’ve not been keeping up with this blog in part because of my other one ( and in part because I just haven’t been doing anything exciting. Well, that’s not entirely true. The exciting stuff that I’ve been doing just has kept me so busy that I haven’t had time to sit down and write about it! Or edit any of my photos. So since it is nearly after Christmas and I will soon be departing on a brand-new adventure, (Thailand! Twelve hours until we leave!) I thought I ought to share some of the things I’ve been up to and the photos I’ve taken along the way.

Brett’s parents came to visit in early December which was awesome, as they are the kind of parents you actually want to hang out with. We got to stay with them on Maui for a bit (Brett got to stay longer than me, as I had work and class. Jealous!) and then they came to Oahu and we got to show them around a little bit which was fun. Hands down, the coolest thing we did, though, was wake up ridiculously early and drive up to the summit of Haleakala, Maui’s tallest peak, and watch the sunrise. It was incredible.

In other news; we are going to Thailand! Tomorrow!! Gah! We are working with a group called Engineers Without Borders here in town, and we are going for our first site assessment in the hopes of building some kind of dam or water reservoir for a village in the Chiang Mai province. It is extremely thrilling for us, because neither Brett nor I have ever been anywhere in Asia so this will be an entirely new adventure. We are going out a week before the rest of the group and will have our own little vacation before meeting up with the group and going into the village. I am not bringing my computer, so I probably won’t be able to update while I’m there, but I promise to do so (more promptly) when I return!

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quick update!


Oh dear it sure has been awhile, huh? It’s a bummer but I have this…job…thing.. keeps me pretty busy. then on weekends i have this boyfriend to spend time with and we live in this place that’s called paradise.. (and it’s football season) so instead of just pretending i’m living… or wishing i was living… or writing about living…or dreaming about how i could be living.. i’ve been trying this new thing called living my life. I haven’t decided how it’s working out yet.. but I’ll let you know eventually.

hah. Just kidding. But really. I have been busy so I haven’t been updating and I am trying to go out and do things like enjoy life and stuff. But somehow none of it seems like I ought to write home about it. Or write internet about it, rather. I mean, I’m quite enjoying myself, but I feel if I tried to force myself to drone on and on about my life it would get very tedious…at least for someone other than me to have to sit down and read about. Meaning for you.

so. In attempting to save you from myself…I started a new blog that revolves around the one constant and always fantastic and interesting thing in my life—food! Yes that’s right, food. Brett happens to be a phenomenal cook and I happen to be an equally phenomenal.. um.. eater. And I cook some stuff sometimes too! BUT regardless of who’s doing the cooking, we both do the eating and we both have been making and eating some really good stuff lately AND I’ve taken to the habit of documenting it. Yes, dad, that’s right. I take pictures of all my food. What am I going to do with all these pictures you ask? Back them up. Via blog.  Since I have all these pictures of delicious food I thought I ought to share them along with the inside scoop on how we got to be eating something so tantalizingly tasty (..tasty-looking… for you… that is until you try some things…then they’ll be just plain tasty.. or just plain.. depending on how well you follow directions…)

And now I leave you to the link. Feel free to check it out if you so desire. If not, I won’t be…terribly offended… (sniff..sniff) I won’t stay up late.. hoping the stats will suddenly change and I’ll go from 2 views to 3 in a day… (sniff..sniff.. sniff).

No but really. You can find this blog at For those of you prone to foregetfulness… I have linked the blog on the left side of this one right… over …..——-> that direction. So if you can find your way back here you can then get there.

I might keep updating this one occasionally, but I am prone to laziness and also to forgetfulness.. so no guarantees.

much love! and bon appetit!

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New life, new shoes.

Well. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’m sure you all know this by now, or at least I hope you do, but I am now living in Hawaii. Yes, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been here just about two months now, Brett and I found a great studio near the University where the landlords have chickens and grandchildren who like to chase them into our house. It’s absolutely fantastic.

I spent the first bit of summer taking a graduate seminar in Public Health which was thrilling, and then searching for jobs. After many many hours and many more applications and resume touch-ups, I landed a gig sweeter than I could have dreamed of. I swapped two part-time restaurant jobs for a full time position teaching at the most prestigious school in the state. I am no longer just Erin, I have taken up the title of Ms. Allmann, marine science teacher extraordinaire (or at least ordinaire, I hope…) It’s really amazing, I applied as a substitute, and they had an opening for a full year full time teacher teaching marine science, so they called me up a week and a half before school started, and well, here I am! I just finished my third full day. And by full I mean I teach four out of eight periods. And the students are so much better behaved than we ever were as kids…it’s strange. They come in, and sit down, and when I tell them to do work, they actually do it. Unnerving. That’s private school for you, I guess.

Well. I think that might be it for now. I’ll be back in CA next week for Holly’s wedding (whoohoo!) and that’s really all the news I’ve got.

oh! and I won third place in a photo contest put on by Fujifim and Riteaid. So thank you older brother for being my model and dad for letting me use your camera. (I told you the shot was worth you getting hurt, Josh!)

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Hello all!!

So here’s the scoop: President’s day weekend 2010 my brother Patrick and I (along with the rest of our team and hundreds more) will be participating in UCLA’s annual charity event, DANCE MARATHON (DM). DM is exactly what it sounds like, as crazy as it sounds. We have pledged to dance (or at least remain standing) for twenty-six hours straight, taking a physical stand against HIV/AIDS infections worldwide. Every day more than 1350 children die from AIDS related illnesses, and countless more are affected by it, but this disease is entirely preventable and treatable. There is a drug, Nevirapine, which when given to both mother and child, reduces risk of transmission of HIV to only 2%. It costs $8. DM raises money to benefit benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), the world?s leading organization that seeks to halt pediatric HIV infection, as well as Camp Kindle and OneHeartland, two non-profits which sponsor cost-free camps for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. DM has raised nearly $1.8 million to date.

DM has been a huge event at UCLA for 8 years, and one of my best friends is one of the vice-executive-very-important-person-people on the organizing committee this year.  So Patrick and I are joining in. We are taking a stand against HIV/AIDS and we will stand, for twenty-six straight hours, February 13 and 14th, 2010. And we want you to help us.

As dancers we have each pledged to raise at least $208 to help these charities. We would greatly appreciate a sponsorship donation of any size to assist us in reaching our fundraising goal. All donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to <Dance Marathon at UCLA> and include one of our names on the memo line. You may also make online donations at our personal, secure, fundraising website at the link below.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to make a difference across the world and your donation will change the lives of many. Please feel free to contact either of us with any questions. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Peace and Love,

Erin and Patrick

Patrick’s donation page:

Erin’s donation page:

**(much of this information came directly from the Dance Marathon webpage. To learn more about Dance marathon or its beneficiaries, please visit their website at

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